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Holiday Tablescape

Today I am partnering with Balsam Hill on their Let’s Give Thanks campaign and sharing Holiday Tablescape decor ideas to help you plan for Thanksgiving.

A Holiday Tablescape - Tips for creating a beautiful table

For as long as I can remember, my mom has always set a beautiful table for special events – including Thanksgiving. Now that I am older and aware of the time and effort she put (and continues to put) into creating a pretty and memorable experience, I want to do the same for my family!  I am so grateful that she believed we were worth the effort, and I want to continue the tradition of a beautifully set table with my children. Today I’m sharing our holiday tablescape and tips for creating a beautiful table.

There are oversized hanging chalkboard nameplates on the back of the chairs – one for each member of the family.

Three festive 26″ Orchard Harvest wreaths were added to the walls in our dining room.

The wreaths firs are filled with rich berries, gilt leaves, and copper fruits.  They are so festive and beautifully and effortlessly transfer from Thanksgiving into Christmas.

The rich colors in the wreath continue to the table.

The Charlestown Decorated Foliage Garland  is on the table, and it coordinates beautifully with the Orchard Harvest wreaths.

Its lifelike pine needles adorned with leaves, fruits, pinecones, rustic bronze bells, and pale gold shimmer are stunning – especially by candlelight.

Several sets of Balsam Hill’s Miracle Flame Taper Candles add drama to the table.

These candles give the natural beauty of candlelight with the touch of a button.

The candles are set to run for 10 hours everyday and add elegance to the space (with no effort on my part).

When setting a table, layers helps add elegance and makes the tablescape more special.  In this thanksgiving tablescape, gold chargers are the first layer under the dinner plate and finished with pretty bowls with a the pear as the finishing touch.  The napkins are knotted with a small piece of fir tucked in the fold.

I added some smaller pears to the buffet behind the dining room table.

Although I was not gifted with the ability to craft delicious meals, I do love to create a pretty dining experience through the decor.

By creating a pretty dining experience, I’m expressing my gratitude to my family.

And maybe distracting them from the not-so-amazing meal?

My hope is that my guests will be excited to dine in the festive space…

I love adding fresh fruit to the tablescape.

Fresh fruit is such an inexpensive way to liven up the tablescape – while gifting your guests with a sweet treat.



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Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for you and your support! Go create something!

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96 thoughts on “Holiday Tablescape

  1. Your table looks beautiful! My favorite memory is when we were kids we always did a piñata (not really “Thanksgiving”), but I always looked forward to having a piñata and spending time with our cousins.

  2. Beautiful table! The kids and I still love watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and the Macy’s parade. That’s probably my favorite tradition.

  3. You had me at those name place boards like I posted on your IG. Did you make those or buy them? Just loving them. I host Thanksgiving every year (the whole lot of us…26 to 31 of us each year, depending on who stays or travels) and enjoy every minute of it. While that would be a lot of name setting boards to make I thrive on making each of my family members feel special. One year my eldest nephew offerred his kids to go to Hawaii for TG….their reply, “NO way!!!! TG isn’t TG if its not at auntie Rosie’s”. Their response will last me a life time of special memories and motovation to cook for days in and decorate over the top with details

  4. My favorite Thanksgiving memory, was helping organize canned foods and snacks in paper bags and delivering them to families in need. I don’t know if it was with my church family that made it special, or if it was being able to walk up to the door, ring the door bell, and see little children peeping around their mother’s legs and their mother smiling with gratitude that made it special, but I always think back to it and wish I could do it again every Thanksgiving! It has left an imprint in my heart.

  5. Your display is so beautiful ! I especially love the chalkboard nameplates on the backs of the chairs. This post really got me into the spirit of Thanksgiving !

  6. So beautifully decorated! I like the wreaths- the colors are perfect for transitioning from Thanksgiving to Christmas!

  7. I guess my favorite Thanksgiving memory is the year my father discovered deep-frying the turkey. We all thought it was a crazy idea, but after tasting it, we have fried them all ever since!

  8. Oh wow, I would love to arrive to this table as a guest for Thanksgiving! Taper candles would normally be hard to place on a table top, but you have them spaced out just right for conversation. The scene looks elegant and effortless–love it, Sara! 🙂

  9. Very nice..not over done or fussy.
    What I like about your look is you could use through the holiday season..transition into Christmas easily by adding in picks, ribbon etc

  10. I LOVE your use of fresh pears! Your table is beautiful! My mother in law does a beautiful job on her table too… I think it takes a special eye! Nice job!

  11. At Thanksgiving dinner everyone gets two kernels of corn. We go around the table and share two things we are thankful for.

  12. Gorgeous!! My favorite Thanksgiving memory is playing cards with my Grandma I miss her, but am happy to have good memories of her!!

  13. Beautiful table decorations. I love Thanksgiving for many reasons; family time together is something I most anticipate. Of course watching Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, eating way too much food, football, eating more food are on the list too 🙂

  14. Sara your table setting is so beautiful. I love how it’s so special but at the same time so comfortable that anyone would feel at home. Your room is lovely. It reminds us what we can do by simply looking at what we have in our home, garden and a trip to the grocery store. One year I stacked pumpkins in similar planters and wrapped them with grapevines and lights and added a few artifical leaves. It would be so much simplier with Balsam Hill’s Heirloom Stacked Pumpkins. What a smart money & time saving display! Thank you for the chance to win them.

  15. Every year since we’ve been married we travel up to my sister in laws house for Thanksgiving. She hosts everyone and we are always greeted with another beautiful table. We spend the day with extended family enjoying each other’s company. It is always decided who makes what in advance and it really makes everything extra special. The memories we all share sitting around the table are priceless.
    I liked the use of different shades of pears, lovely!

  16. Such a beautiful table! Our tradition at thanksgiving is simple-family gathered around a huge table my dad fashioned together.

  17. I love the feeling of ‘home’ I get with all of your decor touches!! And that is my favorite memory – no matter where we were my mom always worked hard on even the smallest details of Thanksgiving, nothing was missed or done via a shortcut. We where and are worth all the work! ❤️

  18. I love the wreaths and greenery! And of course thanksgiving is just all things family and food! What’s not to love?!

  19. The aroma of a well-roasted turkey, sweet potato casserole and freshly baked rolls is my lingering memory of Thanksgivings past.
    The decorations in your blog are beautiful.

  20. My favorite Thanksgiving memory is visiting with family after we eat…..lots of laughter, football, playing cards, looking through the Black Friday ads…..

  21. My favorite memory as a child was our whole family cramming into our living room eating and watching movies. It was an all day event.

  22. Your table looks beautiful! I have very fond Thanksgiving memories at my grandparents house. They were the best gardeners and our meal was always delicious with corn, beans, jellies and jams from their garden.

  23. Your table is stunning! My favorite Thanksgiving tradition was being w/my gram! We would get up early watch the parade, prep food, listen to music then get ready for family to come over. She passed in 2000 & so did our family tradition. She was definitely the glue that kept our family together. I tried to keep it going but family seemed to go their own way. Happy holidays Sara & keep sharing your beautiful ideas!!!! ☺️

  24. Simply beautiful! As a little girl, I loved spending time in the kitchen with my mom baking breads and cookies for the holidays. She’d let me use the leftover batters to make my own creations. Life lesson learned – you can always add a little more sugar, but never too much salt!

  25. Gorgeous decorations as always, Sara! My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is spending time in the kitchen with family members as we prepare the food, share fond memories of Thanksgivings past, and await the arrival of Santa at the end of the Macy’s Day parade on TV. A newer tradition involves mimosas while doing these activities!

  26. I know this may seem like I’m a glutton for punishment, but I like to make the dinner. I love roasting a turkey and making all the sides. We’re not near family at all, so I make a feast for my family of 5. It’s mainly from scratch including pies, and it’s one of my favorite parts of the holiday.

  27. I love following your blogs! So many great ideas! I was excited to see your booth this year at the Home Show but unfortunately it was a time you weren’t there! I would love to have the pumpkins for my front porch! Fall is my favorite season!!

  28. It’s all so gorgeous, Sara. I do miss the colors of fall down here! I feel like I can smell fall and thanksgiving through your pictures. This has inspired me to give our new dining room a thanksgiving makeover.

  29. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is going to the movies after Thanksgiving Dinner. The whole family always goes!

  30. Your dining room decorations are just wonderful!!! You have done such a good job of planning and it goes together beautifully!

  31. I love your vision! Great colors. My favorite memory growing up was gathering with family. I just love a house full even through the stress! Even now-I like the prep work and the decorating for guests.

  32. Love this! We are pretty low key when it comes to Thanksgiving, so my favorite part is just enjoying our families!

  33. I especially love the fresh fruits incorporated iall the wreaths and table greenery. It reminds me of our annual walks through Colonial Williamsburg, with cups of warm cider, carriage rides and the glow of the gas lit lanterns lining the streets.

  34. Love all the fruit and black accents…………..I enjoy setting a simple but beautiful table……….best thing…laughter with my family!

  35. Such a beautiful table, Sara ~ have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! Thanks for a chance to have such a pretty pumpkin stack.

  36. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition was from my late husband’s family. We always had a fun activity planned that got most everyone loved involved. One year a t-ball game for kids and adults. One year we set up and decorated a huge train display in the basement, another time we had a pie contest. It was always fun for everyone whether you participated or just watched. Great memories were created and great interaction within the whole family.

  37. Wow! What a beautiful space you’ve created. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition was always playing BINGO with my extended Family. It was the only time I saw them every year and it was by far my favorite holiday by Far. Enjoy the holidays!!

  38. My best Thanksgiving memories are crowding into Grandma’s small house for a delicious meal that she cooked in her VERY TINY kitchen. I still don’t know how she did it all by herself without double ovens and other modern conveniences.

  39. Thanksgiving memories are the smells of the meal, the parade on tv, football game on tv(not this year tho!), looking at sale ads……and the best way to start the holiday season is with the Griswalds! Yup, Christmas Vacation *must* be watched!!!

    Ps…love love love the stacked pumpkin topiary!

  40. Thank you very much for the inspiration. You have an awesome decorating style. The heirloom pumkins are really classy

  41. Everything is so beautiful and welcoming. Our tradition at thanksgiving is all family gather here for a few days,

  42. My favorite tradition? OYSTERS. My mom and I fry them. My mom-in-law and I make oyster dressing, but only during the holidays?
    Love the tiered pumpkin decoration! I tried to make something similar on my own but failed miserably.

  43. I will always remember my mother’s sweet potato casserole with marshmallows melted on top! She has been gone about 33 yrs. but that was such a good smell and taste for the holidays!

  44. Wow, I love so many different things. The three wreaths on the wall, the little pears, the name plates (chalkboards), the candles and the table cover.

    You did such an excellent job and everything is just so warm and inviting.

  45. I love your Thanksgiving Decor. So beautiful. My favorite memory of Thanksgiving is going to my Nana’s house. She was the best cook EVER. I made a turkey out of a giant pine cone and construction paper in first grade (1968) and it was the centerpiece of the table every year. I still have the turkey. My daughter was born the day before Thanksgiving so I started collecting turkeys after she was born and plan to give them to her next year when she gets married so she can decorate her home with them.

  46. My favorite memory is seeing my Mom always cooking the best turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, pecan pie, etc. She was the BEST!!!!! I still use her recipes!

  47. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is seeing family that lives far away and we only get to see them at Thanksgiving every year. ❤️ your tablescape and blog, Sara!!

  48. Love your dining room! My favorite memory of Thanksgiving was actually the arts and crafts in elementary school. I loved making tissue paper autumn leaf leaf art, or pilgrim costumes. I still remember it fondly.

  49. Thanksgiving “keeps on giving” with family gatherings and blessings. I enjoy your blog which shows your creativity and ideas I can duplicate or re-create in my space. Happy Thanksgiving!

  50. My favorite memory is spending Thanksgiving at my Dad’s cabin. The rustic walls, deer, trees and landscape put you in the holiday spirit! Thanks Sara for your sincerity and decorating tips! Love you!

  51. Beautiful! We always traveled to grandparents’ homes for Thanksgiving each year. I have fond memories of playing with cousins and eating so much good food.

  52. Playing with cousins is my favorite Thanksgiving tradition. Now that we aren’t close by them, it’s seeing my kids play with family. Beautiful set up!

  53. You somehow always manage to make everything look simple, timeless, and supremely elegant! I don’t know how you do it, but you do! I need a lot more practice in that department! Thank you for always being willing to share a bit of your cozy home!

  54. LOve the tablescape! My favorite thing is spending time with my family watching the Macy’s parade and being together.

  55. Beautiful, Sara! Looking forward to one day hosting Thanksgiving at my home (although the food may need to be catered!) Such special memories around the table.

  56. My favorite is when my husband and I did a test run of Thanksgiving with our friends to make sure our recipes were good!

  57. Love your design choices. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving with family. But, it’s hard to wait until December to put up the Christmas Decor.

  58. Beautiful as always! You are so right about layering. I love the look of the flame less tapers. Adding those to my must-get list for the holidays!

  59. Beautiful!!! Favorite Thanksgiving memory was going around th table giving a reason why we were thankful and what for. It gave me such a feeling of love and having each other’s back…

  60. What a stunning table! My favorite Thanksgiving memory is playing Crazy Uno with all my family after the meal. 🙂

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