Dusty Lavender Paint Color

While searching for the perfect color for our main bedroom, I never expected to choose a dusty lavender paint color. But, I did!

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Dutch Boy® Platinum® Plus Paint

The room is painted in 445-2DB Silver Plated by Dutch Boy. I used Platinum® Plus Cabinet Door and Trim Paint for the doors and trim and Platinum® Plus Interior Paint + Primer for the walls.

I was painting over a fairly dark color and expected to have to use two coats. However, this paint is pretty incredible, and paired with a Purdy paint roller, only required one coat.

The previous color was a blue-green which was pretty but much darker than I preferred. After testing out several colors (everything from lavenders to blushes to pale blues), a dusty lavender paint color was the winner.

Here’s a look at the room BEFORE:

And here’s the AFTER:

Dusty Lavender Paint Color

I love the new color, 445-2DB Silver Plated by Dutch Boy Paints. It is sophisticated but relaxing – the perfect combination for a bedroom.

Lavender in Decor

This soft, calming shade of purple is more neutral than you might think. It has a hue of gray, which makes it a little cooler than the traditional lavender you’re used to seeing.

In an Elle Decor article about the 2023 decor trends, they discuss that soft, dusty shades of lavender (and lilac) pose the “much-needed cautious optimism and escapism that people are craving post-pandemic, and even in times of budget crunch, it is imaginative and creative but also speaks of hope and balance.”

The color does look more lavender at times throughout the day depending on the natural sunlight, and I have to admit my husband was a little hesitant about the new color at first.

However, after moving the furniture back in place, Silver Plated 445-2DB really does act as a neutral and is now husband-approved.

What do you think of lavender? If you’re not already using it in home decor, would you?

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