Entry Makeover

It’s amazing what a little paint did for our Entry Makeover!

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Entry Makeover with Frog Tape

The entry is the first impression guests have of your home.  My entry was fine, but I knew it could be better.

Here is a before shot of the entry:

Using Frog Tape on Trim (1 of 1)

I have never loved the front door, but I do try to make the best of it.  It was a burgundy color when we bought the home, but I painted it gray and more recently the black you see above.

It still was not the statement it wanted to be.  I love the black trim I am seeing everywhere.  Although most of my home doesn’t lend itself to black trim, I really felt it would work well in our entry.

I began with FrogTape®.

Using Frog Tape to Paint (1 of 1)

I used the green multi-surface FrogTape® to protect the drywall next to the trim.

Using Frog Tape to Paint trim (1 of 1)

And the yellow delicate surface FrogTape® was used to protect my recently painted front door.

Using Frog Tape on Delicate Surfaces (1 of 1)

When painting trim, you also want to fix any pieces that may require attention.

Fix Trim around Door (1 of 1)

I had a piece of trim above my door that had popped out, so I nailed it back in place.

Tips for painting Trim (1 of 1)

Before painting trim, you also need to wipe down any dust and grime.

Wipe down trim before painting (1 of 1)

Once the trim is all prepped (taped, repaired, and cleaned), you are ready to begin painting.

I always like to test previously painted surfaces to see if it has been painted with an oil-based or latex paint.

Testing for Oil-based Paint (1 of 1)

Using nail polish remover, I wiped some of the painted trim,  If it comes off, you will know it is water-based paint.  If it is clean, it is oil-based.  I had paint on my cloth, so I knew my paint was water-based (latex).

I prefer to use water-based paint whenever possible, and I found this latex in black.

Painting Black Trim around Door (1 of 1)

Using a small angled brush, I painted all the trim.

Painting Black Trim (1 of 1)

I started on one side and painted across the doorway.

Using Frog Tape for Painting Project (1 of 1)

I also painted the inside trim inside the door.

I let the first coat dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions and painted a second coat.  Once the second coat was dry, I began removing the tape.

FrogTape® brand painter’s tape is the only painting tape treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology.  PaintBlock® reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a barrier against paint bleed giving you the sharpest paint lines possible

Removing Frog Tape (1 of 1)

FrogTape® removes easily and quickly.

Using Frog Tape on Painted Surface (1 of 1)

I am so happy with the end result!

DIY Entry Update (1 of 1)

The black trim adds a cohesive (and grand) look to our entry.

DIY Black Trim (1 of 1)

How to update an entryway (1 of 1)

Want to see more painting ideas besides our entry makeover? Check out FrogTape® painting inspiration!

Go create something!

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4 thoughts on “Entry Makeover

  1. Oh WOW!!!it made your door grow!!! Isn’t that just crazy?? I went back to the original and was just enthralled with this….did you love your door after all??!!! I had no clue what color to paint my narrow front door entry so I stuck up one of those wood and iron ??grates?? Arched wood with scrolled iron?? It goes well with my home style and added a couple of wreaths small from Magnolia Market. Black doesn’t match my house so I have a bit of awestruck-ness over the stunning outcome

  2. What brand, finish and color black did you use? I’m getting g a new front door soon and had planned on painting it black but there are too many to choose from.