Home Tour – Part Two

If you missed the first part of my home tour that I shared last week, you can click HERE.

Master Bedroom

Last week I talked about the limitations of my photography.  I have never had luck taking photos of the walls of windows in my home.  Thanks to Melody of Carpenter Photo, I now have photos that show the windows! This is our master bedroom.  I honestly haven’t done much to the room yet other than move our stuff in.

Master Bedroom Necklaces

Isn’t she fun?  I display some of my favorite necklaces here.

Play Room

Amazingly, this shot wasn’t staged. (?!) My friend brought over her two kids, and we asked the kids to stay in the playroom.  When we went to check on them, my oldest was entertaining everyone with a magic show.  Now, this didn’t last long, but I’m glad we got a photo of it while it lasted!  If you want to see more details about our playroom, you can click HERE.

Guest Room

The painted headboard in our guest room is one of my favorite furniture redos I’ve done.  You can see more by clicking HERE.


Guest Bed

Boys' Room

This picture WAS staged.  The barn door headboards are another favorite project.  

You can see more by clicking HERE.

Boys' Room - Number Sign

Boys Room - Nightstand

The boys each have a soda crate to store the books they’re currently reading.  I found the nightstand at Target and the crates fit perfectly!

Boys Room - Desk

Boys' Bathroom

This bathroom redo was part of the Renu Challenge.  Click HERE to see more.

Lena's Room

Here’s another staged photo.  The tutu is for real.  The girl lives in them.  If you want to see more about Lena’s room, you can click HERE.

Lena's Room - Chalkboard

Lena's Room - Bed

I made the flower garland.  If you want to see the full tutorial, click HERE.

Thanks so much to Mel for making everything look so amazing.

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