How to Apply Wax to Chalk Paint

How to Apply Wax to Chalk Paint

Happy Friday! 

If you haven’t seen our previous videos, I teamed up with Angela from Unexpected Elegance, and we created several video tutorials.  Our first series is all about chalk paint. 

You can see our welcome video HERE.


Today I am showing how to apply wax to chalk paint.  I would not recommend wax as a sealer on a desk or tabletop or cabinets (go here to see what happened when I used wax on my cabinets).  However, it works well on most furniture!

But first, we have some other video tutorials on chalk paint.  If you want to see more on chalk paint, click HERE to see how to mix colors.  Or if you want to know how to prepare a piece for chalk paint and using chalk paint, click HERE.

And finally (to see what you are probably here for), watch the video below for the tutorial on using wax on chalk paint:

As I said earlier, I have successfully used wax over chalk paint for several furniture pieces.  However, I would strongly urge you to NOT use wax on kitchen cabinets.  

GO HERE to see why I had to repaint my chalk paint cabinets.

If there are any specific video tutorials you’d like to see us create, please let us know!  We are always looking for tutorial ideas.


Go create something!

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How to Apply Wax to Chalk Paint


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20 thoughts on “How to Apply Wax to Chalk Paint

  1. Can you tell me what to do different on a table top for water protection? For instance a dining room table top.

  2. Thanks Sara, have you ever used chalk paint on paintable wallpaper? I would like to use some paintable wallpaper as a backsplash to resemble a two toned silver or gray tin pattern? Do you think this is feasible? Thanks, nancy

    1. I haven’t ever used chalk paint on paintable wallpaper, but I assume it would work! It would just be thicker than your typical latex paint, but you can water down chalk paint if needed. Chalk paint is great for adding dimension which is what it sounds like you need. Also, you could try using gilding wax to add a metallic look if that’s what you’re looking for. You should be able to find gilding wax in silver and could highlight the raised area of the paper. Good luck, and I’d love to hear how the project goes!

  3. Your videos have been so helpful to a newbie like me and have given me the encouragement to go for it. I’m planning to repaint my daughter’s dresser which is a huge undertaking from a non-DIY-er like myself.

    1. Hi Karen! You can try removing the dark wax with mineral spirits and a rag. If that doesn’t work, you can wait until the dark wax has dried and repaint. Hopefully the mineral spirits works for removing. So sorry and good luck!

  4. How come my wax keeps leaving finger prints? It’s been over a month already. They do buff out though. Is this normal?

  5. I painted my headboard with chalk paint, many thin coats. It is still very stiff. Do you have any suggestions for making it softer? Thanks in advance!

  6. For the table top would you wax first then apply poly or just apply poly and how will it effect the color? Thank you so much Lori Bonanni