Paint Accent Walls & Bookshelves

How to paint accent walls and bookshelves with FrogTape

As I announced last week, I am participating in FrogTape’s Paintover Challenge. I was given a bucket of FrogTape and a $1000 budget to makeover a space. I’m sharing how to paint accent walls and bookshelves with FrogTape.

I am making over our home library which was previously ALL GRAY. I have always wanted a more exciting space, and I was inspired by the Luxe Modern design trend.

I began by painting the gray (and trim) walls an off-white. I used FrogTape to tape off the trim.

After the trim and walls were painted I began scheming about my wall treatment using FrogTape. I was inspired by a wall treatment I saw on a recent trip to Chicago (see more on that in this post), and I drew out a plan on grid paper.

Once I figured out a scale, I transferred the pattern with pencil onto the focal wall.

It was a little bit of a process. I first measured and drew out squares.

Once I had those in place, I created the diamonds.

I was then ready for the FrogTape. I taped a piece down the center (this piece will later be removed since it’s where I will paint).

Next, I added to strips of tape to either side and then removed the center piece.

I did this to all the lines going in the same direction and painted them.

Once dry, I removed the FrogTape.

FrogTape’s PaintBlock technology is amazing! It keeps paint out and keeps line sharp.

Once the first side was done, I repeated the entire process with the lines going the other way.

I did discover a little trick. I was using so much FrogTape, and I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss pressing any of the tape down. I ran a fine-grit sandblock over the tape to seal the tape.

The result was pretty impressive!

As in my inspiration wall treatment, I added medallions to the wall where the lines intersected.

I found these medallions on ebay for next to nothing and painted them gold.

I used my nail gun to adhere them to the wall.

I completed the wall treatment by adding organic dots along the geometric lines to soften the space.

Next up was the giant bookshelf!

I used Frog Tape to tape of the outside of the shelves as well as the ladder rung.

I used a rich matte black on the bookshelves, and it is gorgeous!

FrogTape left a perfect line and protected my marble floors and white ceiling.

FrogTape was also helpful in adding metallic paint to some accent pieces.

I can’t wait to show you the reveal next week!

UPDATE: Want to see the final reveal? GO HERE!

How to paint accent walls and bookshelves with FrogTape is a post written by me on behalf of FrogTape. All opinions are 100% mine.

Go create something!

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