Inexpensive Glass Canisters

I receive questions all the time about my inexpensive glass canisters in our kitchen. 

Perfect Kitchen Canister

 Years ago I decided I HAD to have class canisters similar to the ones I saw on Ella Claire: A Creative Blog. I think I’m drawn to the repetition and simplicity of these canisters.

Ella Claire

Aren’t those canisters amazing?! They become art with all the colorful textures and patterns.

I loved the large size of the canisters in Ella Claire’s kitchen, but I envisioned only three of them in my kitchen.  Also, I’m really obsessed with gold right now, so I wanted gold lids.  I found my glass canisters on Amazon, and I spray-painted the lids with gold spray paint.  Here are the affiliate links for the *canister(s) and the spray paint:

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*I went with the 2 gallon size.

The DIY glass canisters have been around for years now.  They were in my old kitchen…

Carpet One Subway Tile

…and they made the cut and are in my DIY newly renovated kitchen.

Gold Canisters

I love the large size and the simplicity of the inexpensive glass canisters, and the gold-painted lids were the finishing touch!

Glass with gold lids

I’m on a search for pretty gold or wooden scoops for them.  If anyone finds a good source, please let me know!

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24 thoughts on “Inexpensive Glass Canisters

  1. I bought the anchor hocking glass canisters, but the 1.5 gallon was way too big for my counter tops. I love them though. What other size do you suggest for sugar/flour? I had to buy off line because we live in a super small town.

  2. Is your spray paint food safe? I want to color my canister lids as well and I have not been able to find food safe spray paint. Love the look of your canisters.

  3. Hi! I have no idea why, but I am not getting any links to the jars or the paint. Don’t need the jars but I’m curious to the paint. It’s not the bright bright gold and I like that. Would you mind giving me the link, please? Thank you!

  4. I’m having trouble keeping my brown sugar from turning into cement.

    would these jars/lids keep enough moisture out to prevent that?