Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel | Week 9

We can see the finish line on this kitchen remodel!  When we began this project 9 weeks ago, I wasn’t sure we every would finish…

Kitchen Remodel | Week 9

The final touches are happening this week.  I worked on the backsplash over Thanksgiving break, and I am also adding a few open shelves at the end of the top cabinets.

This week I am working on the cabinet hardware from Hickory Hardware.  Obsessive measuring is happening before drilling the holes!

I have made all the design decisions and dealt with the easy DIY projects.  My husband (on the other hand) has had to deal with all the harder, behind-the-scenes projects.  He has learned more about electrical and plumbing projects than he probably ever wanted to know.  We are so grateful to a friend who has helped countless hours along the way.   I know he doesn’t want to be named (both because he is humble, but also because we live in a small town and doesn’t want the constant requests)!

I will be sharing some of the details of the kitchen, but this is the last weekly update!  I remember how I felt that afternoon after demo wondering what in the heck we had just done.  It has been a quite a journey, and we are excited to see the end! A special thanks to The Home Depot for the partnership on this kitchen.  It would not have happened without you! Go create something!

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19 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel

  1. It’s hard to believe it’s been nine weeks since you began. Where did Autumn go? Your remodel has gone quickly considering that you’ve totally redone the entire room. And did soo much yourselves. I’m struggling to purge more from closets and the garage! How did this happen when just 16 years ago I had almost no processions?!! I give away weekly and haul to a donation center yet I feel I make no dent. That’s why it’s so nice to look at your progress as I rest. Forever resting and admiring your work. I really like your color choices. It’s funny unusual how your kitchen cabinets are similar to my Mom’s laundry room cupboards! That was 52 years ago they were new! No wonder I’m drawn to them. I like it paired with blue. As I look out to the other room. Very up to date. I like color so I’m really liking to see examples in new to me color schemes!

  2. Hi Sara I absolutely adore your new kitchen! Super gorg! Btw where did you order your cabinets from? and what’s your ceiling height? We’re trying to change our cabinet and want to install them ourselves. Thanks

  3. Hello! I was wondering about your clock! That is so neat— does that style of clock have a name? Thanks!

  4. Hi there! I am wondering about your backsplash and grout – so subtle and lovely…..I am having the hardest time choosing amongst the millions of choices! Which subway tile and grout did you choose?

  5. Hi there! I have been searching your blog for a source list of your kitchen remodel. I was wanting some of the color selections you used and such. Am I missing it somewhere! Thanks!