Kitchen Stenciled Wall

Stenciled Kitchen Hood

I recently stenciled a wall in my kitchen using Royal Design Studio’s Chez Sheik Moroccan Stencil.

Stenciled Kitchen Before & After

I love stencils because you can get the look of wallpaper without the commitment.  They can easily be painted over if you grow tired of them.

Beginning to stencil

The really great thing about this stencil (as well as several of Royal Design Studio’s larger stencils) is that it includes a smaller ceiling stencil to get in the really hard-to-reach ceiling line.

How to stencil


This stencil project wasn’t hard, it just required a little patience and time (and some good music!).

Painting a Stencil

Since I didn’t really have a central point (the doorway is off to the side), I decided to start at the end of my kitchen hood and work my way across the wall.

Kitchen Stencile Progress

Your stenciling success will depend on your paint usage.  Less is more in this situation!  (For this entire wall, I only used a quarter of a pint of paint.)  I used a foam roller for the flat areas and a stencil brush for the more difficult areas – like the ceiling line. Stenciling

Don’t get lazy and stop measuring or using a level.  This is what can happen:

Stencil Mistake

I just painted over the section, let it dry, and used my level to make sure the stencil was right this time before I re-stenciled.

Kitchen Wall

And here’s my finished product!

Royal Design Studio

Kitchen Stenciled Wall

Stenciled Wall

Royal Design Studio

Stenciled Kitchen


My walls are painted in Valspar’s Cincinnatian Hotel Briggs Beige and the pattern was stenciled in a cream color.

Kitchen Stencil

Royal Design Stencile

Kitchen Stencil *

Here’s a Lena photo bomb.  And yes, she’s wearing wolf ears.

Kitchen Painted Wallpaper

Go create something!

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7 thoughts on “Kitchen Stenciled Wall

  1. I love your wall! I was going to do my dining room with a black and taupe wall covering but now after seeing your wall I think I will do it in cream and taupe. Thx!