Pretty Front Door Paint Colors

I painted our front door black years ago, but I was ready for a change. While going through Dutch Boy’s color library, I came across pretty front door paint colors and want to share some of them with you!

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Painting your front door is one of the easiest ways to update your home’s exterior.

I always recommend bringing paint swatches home and viewing them at your home. Step outside to see how the colors change with the lighting. Our home faces the west, so the color at 7 in the morning can look completely different at 7 in the evening.

Even better than paint swatches are paint samples. I like to test out several different colors to see which one works best for my home.

I went to my local Menards and found a huge selection of colors. I wanted a blue for our front door and selected several different palettes – many of which included blue-green paint colors.

Pretty Front Door Paint Colors

Pretty Front Door Paint Colors

I narrowed my selection down to the following five Dutch Boy blue-green paint colors:

  • 425-2DB Frosted Olive
  • 427-5DB Cattails
  • 425-3DB Woodsy Gray
  • 429-2DB Rochester Gray
  • 427-4DB Silvered Teal
Blue-Green Paint Colors

I ultimately decided on Dutch Boy Cattails 427-5DB

If you have ever selected a paint color for a room, you probably know that the majority of the time the color will appear darker than the swatch.

However, with an exterior door, there is a lot of light bouncing around which means the color will most likely appear lighter than the paint swatch.

I ended up 3 shades darker on the color palette than I had originally planned.

Supplies for Painting an Exterior Door:

If you aren’t familiar with masking paste, I would definitely give it a try. You paint it on the windows. Once it dries you can paint over it and use a razor to cut around the windows.

The masking tape pulls off the window and you’re left with crisp paint line and paint on the glass!

I also added a little screen to hide the decorative glass in our front door.

I have never loved our front door and the decorative glass doesn’t fit with the style of our home. So I got creative and cute a piece to put over the glass. I adhered in with caulk.

The front door brightens up our home, and my neighbor across the street described it as a happy color.

I’d love to know – what are your favorite front door paint colors?

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Dutch Boy Cattails Paint Color
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