Where to Find the Best Wallpaper

After installing a lot of wallpaper over the years, today I’m sharing where to find the best wallpaper.

Where to Find the Best Wallpaper

But before I share my favorite sources, here are three different types of wallpaper and the pros and cons of each:

Traditional (Non-Pasted)

I have installed traditional non-pasted wallpaper several times in our home, but I go this route only when I’m absolutely in love with the design and it doesn’t come with other options.

It is messier than the other options because you have to add the paste yourself (I prefer pasting the wall over the paper itself), and installation isn’t horrible. It’s easy to work with and you are able to shift it with the give of the paste.

However, removal is typically very hard and will probably harm your walls. I would suggest this route if you are all in and ready to commit to a wallpaper design for years to come.


Pre-pasted wallpaper is my absolute favorite to install. All you have to do is add water, and it is easy to install since the water-activated paste gives.

When considering this paper, looks for sure strip wallpaper options. Not only is it easy to install, but it’s easy to remove with the help of a steamer.

I share a tutorial for installing traditional prepasted wallpaper if you want to check it out!

Peel-and-Stick (Removeable)

Peel-and-Stick wallpaper is basically a giant removable sticker, so it is an absolute dream to remove. However, installation could make you go crazy.

Installing a giant sticker takes patience and time, and I would suggest enlisting the help of a friend.

Here’s a tutorial for installing removable wallpaper.

Now, we’re ready for the good stuff!

Where to Find the Best Wallpaper

Home Depot

I have found that Home Depot online offers a great selection of wallpaper at reasonable prices.

I used this peel-and-stick wallpaper in my pantry, and it’s gorgeous.

See more on this pantry makeover by going HERE.

I also found this geometric design prepasted wallpaper at the Home Depot. It’s simple but adds lots of interest to any space.

And the wallpaper in our office is also from the Home Depot. The paper is such a unique, fun pattern but I could only find it in the traditional paper.

Indigo Design Co

I used the Vine peel-and-stick wallpaper from Indigo Design Co in our kitchen nook.

They offer a huge selection of quality peel-and-stick paper with a great texture that mimics more traditional wallpaper.

Caitlin Wilson

I love, love Caitlin Wilson wallpaper, but it is very expensive. I used the Citron Vert Wallpaper in a bathroom, and it’s a showstopper.

I also added her paper to our mudroom/back entry, but it looks like it is now only available in the block print with the navy background.


Anewall offers gorgeous wallpaper murals in all three different wallpaper types – traditional, prepasted, and peel-and-stick! This is their Shaded Landscape Mural in the prepasted.


This is a Swedish company with really unique wallpaper and a huge selection of wall murals. In our half bath, we have Oh the Tulips in the traditional.

One of the great things about Photowall is that their paper comes with paste.

Hygge and West

Hygge and West is another designer paper like Caitlin Wilson, so it is more pricey. But their selection is gorgeous and they offer traditional and some peel-and-stick designs.

I added peel-and-stick to our front entry in Piedmont.

York Wallcoverings

York has a huge selection of wallpaper – many of which are the prepasted sure strip. I often search their site, find the paper I love, and then google it for the best price.

I used Diamond Bamboo in our hallway.

I hope this was helpful and encourages you to try some wallpaper in your home!

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