Easy DIY Silhouettes

If you love silhouettes and want an easy tutorial for creating your own, then this is the DIY tutorial for you!  See how to make these easy DIY silhouettes:

Easy DIY Silhouettes

  1. Take a profile photo of the person you want to be featured in your silhouette. {I used my iPhone for these profiles since you really just need an outline  Quality is not important.}
  2. Email the photo(s) to yourself.
  3. Enlarge the photo(s) to the size you want.  I created these silhouettes using Microsoft Word, and I enlarged my photos to fit an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.
  4. Print out the photo(s) – I printed my photos in black and white.  You do NOT need a high-quality printout.  You will eventually throw the printout away.
  5. Tape the photo printout to a piece of black paper.
  6. Cut around the printout following the profile of the person pictured.
  7. Remove the printout, and you will be left with a black paper profile.
  8. Glue the silhouettes to fun scrapbook paper for additional interest.
  9. Frame the silhouette(s) and enjoy!


Be as creative as you wish with the color of the silhouette paper and the pattern of the background paper.  Mix and match them to fit the decor style of your home.  You can create the perfect DIY silhouettes for your family (and these also make great gifts)! Unfortunately, I was new to blogging when I created this post.  I did not realize that you have to take progress photos as your DIY projects.  However, here is a more recent silhouette project I have done with lots of step by steps photos and a full tutorial.  It is a different approach, but I love it!  It is the perfect art for my daughter’s bedroom!

Go create something!

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