The Best Farmhouse Sink

The Best Farmhouse Sink BLANCO

We remodeled our kitchen a few years ago and installed IKON 33″ 1-3/4 Farmhouse Kitchen Sink with Low Divide sink in white. It has been the best farmhouse sink for us because it is beautiful, durable, and easy to clean.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BLANCO. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a decor blogger, I consider both form and function when designing a space. BLANCO’s farmhouse provides both and is definitely the centerpiece of our home.

Besides a sink that is capable of cleaning lots of dishes, it also is the perfect sink for a bouquet of flowers – every decor lovers dream (I know it doesn’t make much sense, but it sure is beautiful)!

Since many of us are currently under stay-at-home orders, I thought it would be fun to share how to decorate the kitchen using items found around home.

How to decorate the kitchen using items found around home:

Add greenery

Greenery adds life to any space. Look outside for something to bring inside. Our neighbor has a beautiful flowering tree, so I cut some branches for a bouquet.

Add fruit

I found a woven basket and arranged some pears in it. It looks natural and adds some color to the space.

Use a glass soap dispenser

Remember me mentioning the importance of form and function? I love pretty soap dispensers that you don’t have to hide when guests come. Glass dispensers are great because they last and can be refilled.

With some fresh greenery (or flowers), a bowl of fruit, and a pretty glass soap dispenser, your kitchen will look beautiful and fresh and hopefully provide you with some happiness during this strange time.

Want tips for installing your BLANCO IKON apron sink? GO HERE for the full tutorial!

Besides our BLANCO farmhouse sink, we also have a BLANCO LIVEN Sink and the BLANCO ARTONA faucet – both in Anthracite.

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Installing a Farmhouse Sink

Installing a Farmhouse Sink

We recently remodeled our kitchen and installed BLANCO’S IKON 33 APRON sink in white and wanted to share our experience with installing a farmhouse sink.

Installing a Farmhouse Sink

If you’re not familiar with my blog, we recently finished our DIY kitchen remodel.  You can follow that process from the very beginning by going here.

This was our sink before, and the cabinets were an “L” shape which really restricted traffic flow.

We replaced those cabinets with an island (which opens up the space) and added a gorgeous farmhouse sink from BLANCO.

The kitchen design plan included a farmhouse sink without us realizing all that goes on behind the scenes when installing one. This is the sink cabinet we assembled.  For a traditional sink, the counter typically supports it.  However, a farmhouse sink needs to be installed before the counters.  My husband and I looked at our base and sort of scratched our heads for a bit…

After a ton of online research (blog posts and youtube videos) and conversations with an engineer friend, Steve felt confident to tackle this project. He created a table support using 2x4s.

We also had to cut the front of the sink.  This was stressful because we had one shot.  BLANCO sent a stencil with the sink which helped us know exactly where the stencil should be and marked it.  Then we went back over it with masking tape and marked it again (luckily we could see our line through the masking tape).  The masking tape helps with a sharp, clean cut.

Steve used a jigsaw to cut the front of the cabinet.

After the cabinet front was cut, we sanded and sanded for the perfect fit.

Unfortunately, I ended up sanding a little crooked, but Steve was able to fix my mistake.

All the building and cutting and sanding were worth the effort because our sink is absolutely gorgeous!

The BLANCO IKON is the first apron front sink made of natural granite composite, SILGRANIT material.

This material will not scratch or stain, and is hard-wearing while being easy to clean.

The sink comes in both 30 and 33-inch options as well as four colors – anthracite, cafe, metallic gray, and white.

For increased functionality, there is also the optional Floating Grid available.  It handles the weight of pots and pans and can also be used as a trivet on the countertop.

Thanks so much to BLANCO for their partnership on this kitchen remodel.  Our farmhouse sink is the centerpiece of the remodel, and we fans of BLANCO.  We recently made over our laundry room, and you can see all the details on that HERE!

Go create something!

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*This post is a sponsored post by BLANCO.  I take pride in reviewing only products that fit my brand and will be beneficial to my readers. And while this post is sponsored, all the opinions are my own.