(Anthropologie Inspired) IKEA Rast Dresser Hack

Anthro Inspired Ikea Rast Hack

Anthropologie knock off

Pittsburgh Paints & Stains and Hickory Hardware are sponsoring a blogger competition that I’m excited to be participating in.  Each blogger was sent an IKEA Rast Dresser and asked to give it a makeover.

*You can see all nine hacks HERE, and you can quickly vote (via Facebook) for your favorite.  There are so many creative transformations!  If you love my makeover, I would love your vote!  Thanks SO much!

IKEA Rast Dresser

The IKEA Rast is a small, basic dresser.  Like all things from IKEA, it required assembly.  My son helped me assemble the dresser, and I was dreaming of what it would become.

Putting dresser together copy

Below is my inspiration and vision for the dresser:

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 7.50.19 PM

This is the Mirelle Three-Drawer Dresser from Anthropologie.  It’s BEAUTIFUL, but it’s $1700!  I was determined to get the look of this luxury piece by giving my Rast dresser a makeover.

Here’s my supply list:

Once the dresser was put together, I took the drawers to a glass company (special thanks to Delaware Glass & Mirror in Muncie, Indiana!) where they cut mirrors for the drawer fronts.

Adding Mirrors to drawers

Then I picked up the rest of my supplies from my local Menards.

Trim Pieces

I started with several decorative trim pieces.  I used the 3/8″ x 3/4″ Embossed Hardwood Moulding with Ovals Pattern on the top and bottom of the dresser for decorative accents.  I put the two KOK Woodgoods 46″ Long Oak Corner Guards on the front corners.  They were extra long, so I measured and cut them to size.

Adding corner pieces

I used wood glue to attach all the trim.  I added a few finish nails to the corner trim pieces.

Adding Trim to Dresser

The trim pieces were all clamped and left overnight to dry.

Clamping Pieces

The next day, the legs were added.  The legs were made out of (4) Colonial Elegance® Country 1-5/8″ x 1-5/8″ x 7-1/2″ Hemlock Stair Divider Baluster.

Legs Before

The block at the top and bottom was removed.

Cutting Legs

These are such an inexpensive leg solution!

Legs After

They were added using (4) Colonial Elegance® Metal Stair Baluster Fasteners.

Adding Legs

The top of the dresser is not ver pretty, and it needed to be special.

Dresser needing top

For the top, a piece of wood was cut to size.

Pine Top

Wood glue was added to the top of the dresser.

Glue on Top

And a few holes were predrilled to the wood top.

Drill Holes

Then the top was attached using glue and nails.

IKEA Dresser Top

The corners were so sharp, and I sanded the top and sides and rounded out the two front corners.

Sanding Dresser

My dresser was starting to look pretty fancy…

IKEA Dresser Hack

I bought two quarts of Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Trim, Door & Furniture Paint in Vintage Beige (which has a beautiful grayish look) and Antique White.  This paint is great because it has a gel consistency which allows for easy applications – there aren’t drips and it goes on smoothly!  It has a beautiful finish with no brush marks and it comes in five ready-mix colors.

Pittsburgh Paints Trim Door & Furniture Paint

I painted the entire dresser in Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Trim, Door & Furniture Paint in Antique White.

Antique White

Painted Dresser

Then I went through and sort of dry brushed with Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Trim, Door & Furniture Paint in Vintage Beige for a more vintage look.

Vintage Beige

Adding Gray copy

The mirrors hadn’t been permanently applied to the drawer fronts yet – they were only on using screws.  I placed the mirrors on a flat surface and added lines to give the look of the small pieces of mirrors using a permanent paint pen in gray.

Making Mirror

Once the paint was dry, I glued the mirrors onto the drawer fronts using Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive.

Gluing Mirror

I glued little star embellishments to the mirrors – similar to what the Anthro piece has.


I added the Hickory Hardware knobs (1-1/8 In. Park Towers Satin Dover Cabinet Knob) and my dresser was almost complete!

Detail of IKEA hack

This piece required a little extra details in the drawers.

I added starched fabric to the drawers.  (To see a full tutorial on using starched fabric in decor, click HERE.)

Starched Fabric

Starched Fabric Drawer Liners

And my dresser was done!

IKEA RAST makeover

IKEA Rast hack Detail

Anthropologie knock off

The smaller dresser size makes the perfect nightstand in our bedroom, and I’m in love with my faux Anthropologie piece!

UPDATE: I’ve dealt with cracked mirrors thanks to my 4-year-old.  See all the details HERE.


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Anthro-Inspired IKEA Rast HAck