Tissue Tassel Garland

I’m sharing an easy tutorial for tissue tassel garland.

Tassel Garland Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to make a tassel garland for a while now, and I decided New Year’s was the perfect time to display it.

Paper Tassel Garland

The tassel garland isn’t hard – it’s just a little time-consuming.  I sat and made my garland while the kids were watching a Christmas movie.

Supplies for tissue tassels

For this tutorial, you’ll need tissue paper, a glue gun, and scissors.

Steps for Tissue Tassels

Start by unfolding one piece of tissue paper and laying it flat.  Next, fold the paper in half – lengthwise.

Step 1 Party Tassels

Fold it again – this time widthwise.

Step 2 Party Tassel

Keep folding – fold it lengthwise.

Step 3 Party Tassel

Last fold!  Fold it widthwise.

Step 4 Party Tassel

Now it’s time to cut the tassels.  The top should be made completely of folds – so it all stays together.  Cut strips up the folded tissue and leave several inches at the top.

Step 5 Party Tassel

After you have cut the tassels, open up the piece like this:

Step 6 Party Tassel

Cut it down the center.

Step 7 Party Tassel

Now open the piece up like this:

Step 8 Party Tassel

Step 9 Party Tassel

Roll it.

Step 10 Party Tassel

And you’ll see you’re close!  Then twist it down the center.

Step 11 Party Tassel

And a drop of hot glue at on end of the twist.

Step 12 Party Tassels

Make a loop and attach it to the glue.

Step 13 Party Tassel

Some of the ends will be connected, so you’ll want to give the tassels a little trim.

Step 14 Party Tassel

And you’ve made a tassel!  (Each piece of tissue paper makes four tassels.)

Party Tissue Tassels

You can make them in lots of colors…

How to make party tissue tassels

Add them to a rope or ribbon, and you have a tassel garland!

How to make Paper Tassels

They’re perfect for New Year’s or any other party.  Or, they’d be adorable in a kid’s room or toy room. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Go create something!

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