Painting Fabric with Chalk Paint

I’m always painting things, but one of the more unique things I’ve painted is fabric.  Today I’m sharing all the details of painting fabric with chalk paint.

  Video Tutorial: Painting Fabric with Chalk Paint

It is Friday and time for another DIY video tutorial!  Today I’m going to show you how to paint fabric using chalk paint.

My goal was to modernize and simplify.  I spray-painted the base with gold paint and used Annie Sloan Pure White on the fabric.

AFTER And here is the after.  Much more updated and simple – don’t you think?

You can see the full video tutorial HERE: 

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10 thoughts on “Painting Fabric with Chalk Paint

  1. I am wondering if this technique is for everyday wear and tare or is it just for looks? I have a couch that is used everyday and was thinking about painting it. Is it comfortable to sit on? What would you advise?
    Thank You, Beverly

    1. I wouldn’t suggest this technique for a couch for a couple reasons. First, a couch would go through a TON of paint. At that point, it may be just as cost effective to consider reupholstering. Also, this technique makes the fabric feel vinyl. It wouldn’t make for a good, comfy couch-watching tv. I hope this helps!

  2. How do you think this technique would work on curtains?? I have a huge curtain on a pulley system that is straight out of the 70’s. Burnt orange and cream plaid (To match our burnt orange shag carpet). We love the pulley system setup and know that buying a new curtain will be pretty expensive. Do you think this would work? How would the curtain feel to touch?

  3. Hi

    I would like to paint my black crushed velvet bed to Oxford blue due you have any tips please? I’ve been told to water it down and almost stain the fabric rather than paint & to sand and Hoover in between coats. I was advised not to wax as otherwise it will feel like leather