What Paint to Use for Furniture

Painting furniture is a great way to inexpensively update pieces, and I thought it would be helpful to share What Paint to Use for Furniture – especially because there are so many options!

What Paint to Use for Furniture:

Latex Paint & Paint Sprayer

This technique gives a more factory, smooth finish. It requires an investment in a paint sprayer, but there are lots of great inexpensive options out there. Clean up is a pain, and you still need prime, but the results are worth the extra time. Go HERE to read more!

Chalk Paint & Wax | Faux Wood Technique

It is amazing what you can do with chalk paint and wax. Go HERE to see how I create the look of faux wood. This technique is SO easy, and I share more chalk paint tutorials later in this post.

Spray Lacquer and Gold Paint

This route is expensive (you will go through a bunch of cans of paint), but the result is gorgeous and so smooth. I love this transformation, and you can see more HERE.

Want to know more about painting furniture with spray paint in general? Go HERE to learn more!

Latex Paint | Dry Brush Technique

This technique is SO easy, and you can see the full tutorial (including a video) HERE. It really is one of the easiest painting techniques and perfect for those who like the more rustic look.

Chalk Paint & Wax | Painting Fabric

This technique takes a lot of paint, time and money (because fabric really soaks it up), but you can paint fabric with chalk paint! You can see more HERE.

Latex Paint & Brush

Latex paint is inexpensive, and I guarantee you have at least a few cans sitting at your house. I used a high gloss enamel on this IKEA stool, and the result was so fun! See more HERE.

Chalk Paint and Wax

I know chalk paint has died down, but it still a good option for many pieces. The ease of it is what is so appealing (no sanding or priming), and almost every hardware store now sells chalk paint.

I have lots of tutorials on using chalk paint, and you can see my original tutorial HERE.

I also share tutorials for the following:

Oil-Based Paint & Brush

This method really adheres to the piece and holds up well, but it is SO messy and hard to clean up. See more HERE.

Milk Paint & Wax

Yes, I painted my piano twice. This is the first attempt, and I share all about my milk paint experience HERE. Milk paint is a paint you typically have to mix on your own, and it is very thin. It is a fun paint to try, but it may not be the best solution if this is your first attempt at painting a piece.

Chalk Paint & Gold Gild

Playing around with chalk paint and metallics was so fun. This technique is is a little more difficult, but the results are stunning. See more HERE.

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