Yellow Painted Hutch

I painted my hutch yellow. And I love it because the yellow painted hutch brightens up my kitchen nook.

Yellow Painted Hutch

I forgot to get an actual before picture before I started paint testing the hutch. And no, I don’t normally keep daffodils in my hutch.  I had just picked a bouquet and thought they were so pretty and had to share… I fell in love with my dining room set in an antique store.


I looked beyond the giant lace doily (that thing is HUGE, isn’t it?!) and saw potential in this set.  You can see more about my dining room HERE and check out my dining room chair update HERE. The hutch was in really bad shape, and I wasn’t really up to refinishing it.  (And I was already dreaming about a yellow hutch.)

Hutch Hutch.2

I used chalk paint in my hutch’s update – no sanding, priming, prepping required! To see a full tutorial on chalk paint, click HERE.


I prefer Annie Sloan’s chalk paint, but she didn’t have the exact yellow I was envisioning. So, I bought some chalk paint on Etsy and mixed in some cream chalk paint I had on hand to lighten it up a little. I bought “That’s the last straw” from the Etsy shop ChauxBelle. My hutch makes me happy.


And the painting continues…

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12 thoughts on “Yellow Painted Hutch

  1. How much chalk paint would you recommend to purchase for a piece this size? I have a dresser that I’m gearing up to paint but since it is my first venture into chalk paint I wasn’t sure how much to get. Thanks!

    1. Hi Beth! I would guess you’d need half a quart for your piece – depending on whether or not you’d be painting the inside of the drawers. But a quart of paint would definitely be enough. Good luck and post before and after pics!

  2. What are your thoughts on using the sprayer to paint my cabinet doors and b the paint on the cabinets, since they are already on the walls?

    1. This is definitely doable, but I would remove the doors first. Spraying the cabinets is only easy after you’ve done all the prep work. Overspray is crazy and can get everywhere if you don’t probably cover everything you don’t want painted. This would require lots and lots of plastic, but people do it! I hope I helped. Good luck!