Pretty Front Door Paint Colors

I painted our front door black years ago, but I was ready for a change. While going through Dutch Boy’s color library, I came across pretty front door paint colors and want to share some of them with you!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dutch Boy. All opinions are 100% mine.

Painting your front door is one of the easiest ways to update your home’s exterior.

I always recommend bringing paint swatches home and viewing them at your home. Step outside to see how the colors change with the lighting. Our home faces the west, so the color at 7 in the morning can look completely different at 7 in the evening.

Even better than paint swatches are paint samples. I like to test out several different colors to see which one works best for my home.

I went to my local Menards and found a huge selection of colors. I wanted a blue for our front door and selected several different palettes – many of which included blue-green paint colors.

Pretty Front Door Paint Colors

Pretty Front Door Paint Colors

I narrowed my selection down to the following five Dutch Boy blue-green paint colors:

  • 425-2DB Frosted Olive
  • 427-5DB Cattails
  • 425-3DB Woodsy Gray
  • 429-2DB Rochester Gray
  • 427-4DB Silvered Teal
Blue-Green Paint Colors

I ultimately decided on Dutch Boy Cattails 427-5DB

If you have ever selected a paint color for a room, you probably know that the majority of the time the color will appear darker than the swatch.

However, with an exterior door, there is a lot of light bouncing around which means the color will most likely appear lighter than the paint swatch.

I ended up 3 shades darker on the color palette than I had originally planned.

Supplies for Painting an Exterior Door:

If you aren’t familiar with masking paste, I would definitely give it a try. You paint it on the windows. Once it dries you can paint over it and use a razor to cut around the windows.

The masking tape pulls off the window and you’re left with crisp paint line and paint on the glass!

I also added a little screen to hide the decorative glass in our front door.

I have never loved our front door and the decorative glass doesn’t fit with the style of our home. So I got creative and cute a piece to put over the glass. I adhered in with caulk.

The front door brightens up our home, and my neighbor across the street described it as a happy color.

I’d love to know – what are your favorite front door paint colors?

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Dutch Boy Cattails Paint Color

Painting Bookshelves

Painting bookshelves isn’t difficult if you have the right tools and paint. Today I am sharing tips and tricks for getting the job done.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dutch Boy. All opinions are 100% mine.

Several years ago, I painted our bookshelves black. The rest of the room is light, and although beautiful, the black always felt out of place.

The exterior of our home is “French Chateau” in style. I have slowly been trying to transform the interior to also reflect that style. Since many of the period homes used monochromatic color schemes, I wanted to paint the bookshelves blue.

The blue used on our bookshelves is Rustic Blue by Dutch Boy.

When I painted the bookshelves black, I used a paint sprayer. It was possibly a user error, but the sprayer did not provide a smooth finish. I also made the mistake of painting them with a matte finish and found it collected lots of dust.

This time around I painted them by hand, and it was very manageable as I broke the bookshelves into sections.

Supplies for Painting Bookshelves:

How to Paint Bookshelves

When painting the shelves, I worked in sections as I mentioned before. It is best to begin with the brush and paint all the corners, edges, and trim. Follow up with the roller for the larger surfaces. I allowed 24 hours of dry time before I returned the books to the shelves.

Platinum Plus Cabinet, Door & Trim Paint

This paint was fantastic to work with. I envisioned several coats since I was painting over black, but I was surprised that one coat covered most sections.

Platinum Plus Cabinet, Door & Trim Paint is a water-based alkly enamel that goes on silky smooth. The result is a luxurious, glass-like finish.

If you want to see more about how I selected the blue paint color for this room, you can go HERE.

The blue flows nicely with the rest of our home and is a beautiful welcome to anyone who enters our home.

I love the blue bookshelves and trim and how calm my office feels and looks.

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Best Blue Paint Colors

Blue is one of the world’s most popular colors. Nearly half of men and one-third of women claim blue as their favorite color. It is the color of the skies and ocean and lifts our mood and improves the energy of a space. It is a fantastic color, and today I’m sharing four of the best blue paint colors.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dutch Boy. All opinions are 100% mine.

The bookshelves in my office have been black for several years now, and it has always felt too dark. Loving the monochromatic look that is so popular right now, I decided to paint the bookshelves, trim, and walls blue.

The perfect blue paint color search began at Menards where Dutch Boy paint is sold.

Paint Color Selection

Selecting the perfect paint color can be overwhelming. However, Dutch Boy offers guidance through various resources like these booklets found within their color library (which includes more than 1,300 colors)!

I narrowed the colors to four mid-toned blues.

I purchased four sample pots of each.

The Best Blue Paint Colors

  • Neutraled Blue 429-4DB (Top Left)

Of the four blues, Neutraled Blue has the strongest green undertone. It is a beautiful color, but it could shift from blue to green depending on the lighting.

  • Whiskful 432-4DB (Top Right)

Whiskful is a classic dusty blue or what some may refer to as baby blue.

  • Rustic Blue 430-4DB (Bottom Left)

Rustic Blue has a very slight green undertone. However, its green undertone isn’t as strong as that of Neutraled Blue.

  • Monument Gray 433-4DB (Bottom Right)

Monument Gray is more like Whiskful in that it’s bluer than the other two with green undertones. However, it does lean towards gray since it has more black.

Test Paint Samples in your Home

I painted the four paint colors on the bookshelves and a different wall to study the lighting. The colors will look different throughout the day with the lighting shifts. Ultimately, I decided on Rustic Blue by Dutch Boy.

Best Paint to Use for Bookshelves and Trim

I made the mistake of using regular latex paint on my bookshelves, AND I went with a matte finish. They were hard to keep clean as they collected so much dust.

However, this time around I chose Dutch Boy Platinum Plus Cabinet, Door, and Trim because it offers ultra-durable enamel and features an anti-block formula that prevents sticking to contact surfaces such as door jambs, windows, and cabinets and it offers exceptional adhesion and provides a mildew-resistant coating.

For my sanity, I painted the bookshelves in sections. I allowed the paint to dry 24 hours before returning the books back to the shelves.

Less than a gallon of paint was used for the entire wall of shelves! I was incredibly pleased with the fantastic coverage. Most of the shelves were covered in one coat of paint.

A brush was used for the edges, corners, and trim, and a small roller for everything else.

We are loving the brighter, more beautiful space! I believe in the power of paint, and this project is a great example of how you can transform a space without spending a fortune.

Dutch Boy paint helps simplify the DIY, and I can’t wait to share the final reveal soon!

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Where to Find the Best Wallpaper

After installing a lot of wallpaper over the years, today I’m sharing where to find the best wallpaper.

Where to Find the Best Wallpaper

But before I share my favorite sources, here are three different types of wallpaper and the pros and cons of each:

Traditional (Non-Pasted)

I have installed traditional non-pasted wallpaper several times in our home, but I go this route only when I’m absolutely in love with the design and it doesn’t come with other options.

It is messier than the other options because you have to add the paste yourself (I prefer pasting the wall over the paper itself), and installation isn’t horrible. It’s easy to work with and you are able to shift it with the give of the paste.

However, removal is typically very hard and will probably harm your walls. I would suggest this route if you are all in and ready to commit to a wallpaper design for years to come.


Pre-pasted wallpaper is my absolute favorite to install. All you have to do is add water, and it is easy to install since the water-activated paste gives.

When considering this paper, looks for sure strip wallpaper options. Not only is it easy to install, but it’s easy to remove with the help of a steamer.

I share a tutorial for installing traditional prepasted wallpaper if you want to check it out!

Peel-and-Stick (Removeable)

Peel-and-Stick wallpaper is basically a giant removable sticker, so it is an absolute dream to remove. However, installation could make you go crazy.

Installing a giant sticker takes patience and time, and I would suggest enlisting the help of a friend.

Here’s a tutorial for installing removable wallpaper.

Now, we’re ready for the good stuff!

Where to Find the Best Wallpaper

Home Depot

I have found that Home Depot online offers a great selection of wallpaper at reasonable prices.

I used this peel-and-stick wallpaper in my pantry, and it’s gorgeous.

See more on this pantry makeover by going HERE.

I also found this geometric design prepasted wallpaper at the Home Depot. It’s simple but adds lots of interest to any space.

And the wallpaper in our office is also from the Home Depot. The paper is such a unique, fun pattern but I could only find it in the traditional paper.

Indigo Design Co

I used the Vine peel-and-stick wallpaper from Indigo Design Co in our kitchen nook.

They offer a huge selection of quality peel-and-stick paper with a great texture that mimics more traditional wallpaper.

Caitlin Wilson

I love, love Caitlin Wilson wallpaper, but it is very expensive. I used the Citron Vert Wallpaper in a bathroom, and it’s a showstopper.

I also added her paper to our mudroom/back entry, but it looks like it is now only available in the block print with the navy background.


Anewall offers gorgeous wallpaper murals in all three different wallpaper types – traditional, prepasted, and peel-and-stick! This is their Shaded Landscape Mural in the prepasted.


This is a Swedish company with really unique wallpaper and a huge selection of wall murals. In our half bath, we have Oh the Tulips in the traditional.

One of the great things about Photowall is that their paper comes with paste.

Hygge and West

Hygge and West is another designer paper like Caitlin Wilson, so it is more pricey. But their selection is gorgeous and they offer traditional and some peel-and-stick designs.

I added peel-and-stick to our front entry in Piedmont.

York Wallcoverings

York has a huge selection of wallpaper – many of which are the prepasted sure strip. I often search their site, find the paper I love, and then google it for the best price.

I used Diamond Bamboo in our hallway.

I hope this was helpful and encourages you to try some wallpaper in your home!

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Resilient Flooring

I share beautiful photos with you here on the blog, but our real life is not picture-perfect. My three kids give our home a workout which is why we use beautifully responsible resilient flooring throughout our home.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Beautifully Responsible. All opinions are 100% mine.

Resilient Flooring

Why Resilient Flooring:

Like hardwood or carpet, resilient flooring is a category of flooring products. Resilient flooring is a great product. It has the ability to give under the impact of footsteps and then spring back into shape. Luxury vinyl, linoleum, rubber, and other specific flooring products are all considered resilient.

We have LVP (luxury vinyl plank) throughout our home and added it to the spaces that see the most use, but we didn’t have to compromise aesthetics. We have LVP in our boys’ bathroom, back entry/mudroom, half bath, and laundry room.

Our back entry/mudroom is the most used space in our home. The durable flooring stands up to three kids dragging in everything from sports equipment to muddy shoes.

Resilient flooring

Resilient Flooring

When you select responsible flooring products, you can know the manufacturers are committed to sourcing, designing, and manufacturing resilient flooring products with sustainability in mind.


Manufacturers strive to operate responsibly, reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and decrease embodied carbon.

beautifully responsible resilient flooring


Responsible flooring is designed knowing your family is your first priority which means indoor air quality is a priority, the flooring is manufactured with reduced chemicals, and the flooring provides acoustic comfort.

resilient flooring


Responsible, resilient flooring is the ultimate in performance and durability because it stands up to the stresses of everyday life, makes clean-up easy, and comes in waterproof and water resilient options.

Our LVP is so easy to clean. I vacuum if needed, and use a mixture of vinegar and water to remove any stubborn spots. It really is the perfect option for a busy family of five.

resilient flooring

Resilient flooring is constructed for long-term durability and crafted to promote healthy, beautiful environments inside and out. These floors allow my family to live in our home.

If you haven’t already, where would you add resilient flooring to your home?

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DIY Corner Stage

DIY Corner Stage

My dad built this DIY corner stage for Lena’s room, and she is OBSESSED. Not only does it make the perfect space for putting on performances, but she also loves to shut the curtains and it becomes her own little fort.

I asked my dad to share how he made it, and here’s his tutorial:

Supplies for building a DIY corner stage:

4’ x 4’ x ½” plywood

(2) 2/6” x 8’ pine boards

5½” x 8’ cabinet backing board

1½” & 3” wood screws



How to build a DIY corner stage:

The tutorial is for a 4-foot stage.

First, cut one of the pine boards into two pieces – one 48” and the other 46½”.

Next, screw together boards making a 90-degree angle with each side 48” (The shorter piece will sit on top of the longer piece to make an L).

Once you have your 90-degree angle (or L), screw the plywood piece on top.

We wanted our stage to be round in front, so I drew out a semi-circle side to side. An easy way to do this is to cut a piece of string and tie it around a pencil. Attach the other end of the string to the corner using a small nail, and draw the semi-circle from one side to the other side of the plywood. The length of the string will need to be 48″ NOT including the string you tied around the pencil.

After you have your pattern drawn, cut out the semi-circle using a jigsaw and sand edge.

Then, cut the other pine board in half and cut a 15-degree angle on the end of each board.

Position the boards under plywood dividing stage area into equal thirds

Screw the boards together and then the plywood to boards

Now you will need to cut the board ends even with the plywood semi-circle.

And finally, cut the backing board into lengths that cover each section of the front edge.

Screw the backing board onto the front of the stage.

I used caulk to hide some of the gaps between the stage of the backing board attached to the front. Wood filler worked well to hide the screws.

I then primed and painted the entire piece.

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Favorite Art Sources

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite art sources I use in our home.

In our bathroom, we have a piece from Christine Sweet Fine Art. Christine is a Charleston-based watercolor artist best known for her modern renderings of coastal creatures. “Presence” is hanging in our half bath, and it’s a print that comes hand-signed on heavyweight archival paper.

One of my most recent favorite sources for art is a shop on Etsy called Heirloom Print Shop. They provide art prints to your door in a variety of sizes and papers – including canvas. The printing is so well done, and if you frame your art without glass, it looks almost like an actual oil painting.

In our library, I have this Woman Portrait which is so elegant and timeless.

In our dining room, this stunning landscape hangs. I selected the textured premium paper for my prints, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality.

This still life is perfect for the kitchen, and the colors would work in almost any space.

I am a huge fan of home portraits, and we have a painting of our previous home (top) and our current home (bottom).

The top portrait is by Katie of Me and Mary , and she specializes in watercolor home portraits.

The bottom portrait is by my friend John of John Keeling Paintings. I had the honor of working for John years ago at a Hallmark subsidiary. John is extremely talented and you should definitely check out his work.

If you’re looking for artwork that is unique and fun, Check out this Lincoln portrait we have hanging in our bonus room.

It is by Mel Remmers Studio, and I’m slightly obsessed with her colorful and gorgeous work.

In our kitchen, I have this studding original from Elisabeth Neil Art. Her work is a mix of realistic and impressionistic, and I’m a huge fan.

If you’re looking for larger art pieces, then you need to check out Juniper Print Shop. I purchased Oak Park, and you can purchase it in sizes ranging from 8×10 to 55×79!

The light I have hanging above the piece in our kitchen is an inexpensive battery-operated picture light you can purchase here.

Finally, my last favorite piece of art is this floral photo piece, and it was a collaboration between myself, Carpenter Photo, and Vineyard Flower Co. You can purchase The Lena HERE in my shop.

Do you have some favorite sources for art? Please share in the comments below!

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Desk Bike and Standing Desk

Flexispot recently sent us a desk bike and standing desk, and I am obsessed! Both these products are perfect for home offices, and I honestly can’t say enough great this about them.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FlexiSpot. All opinions are 100% mine.

Desk Bike

This desk bike has won its way into everyone in my family’s hearts. As a mom, it’s hard to juggle everything at once, but this desk bike allows me to work, exercise, and even throw in a little tv watching while I’m at it. Talk about major productivity (and fun)!

My middle recently biked 11 miles while playing video games – maybe something good can from video gaming?

The Flexispot desk bike was very easy to assemble, and the seat is comfortable and adjustable. The desk also adjusts as well, so you can find the perfect setting.

There are several settings so you can adjust how hard the pedals are with eight resistance levels, and the display shows readouts for mileage, workout time, calories burned, and speed.

The bike operates very quietly and is substantial.

The bike desktop is removable if you want to slide it under a standing desk, and the bike is easy to move from room to room.

Standing Desk

We use our desk bike with Flexispot’s COMHAR standing desk. Like the desk bike, it was easy to assemble. The desk comes in several different colors and is very substantial.

It has an integrated control panel that allows for up and down movement along with height memory presets. It also has USBs and a child lock.

It works well with the desk bike and also functions well on its own.

With the push of a button and seconds later, the desk transforms from a standing desk to a traditional desk.

What do you think? Could you use a desk bike and/or standing desk in your home or office?

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DIY Marquee Sign

My daughter LOVES the stage and performing and has been dreaming up her theatre room for some time now. I wanted a centerpiece for the room, so I decided I would surprise her with a DIY Marquee Sign.

We recently saw Frozen the musical in Chicago, so I was feeling extra inspired and knew I definitely wanted the sign to light up.

I started by searching google images, and found this piece to be my inspiration:

Supplies for DIY Marquee Sign:

  • 2’x4′ half inch board
  • 2’x2′ quarter inch board
  • Small Cafe Lights
  • Die Cut Letter Stickers
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paint Pens
  • Duck Tape
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw

Tutorial for DIY Marquee Sign:

To begin, you will need a 2’x4′ half-inch board for the main marquee sign. I was able to buy in already cut at Menards, but some of the other hardware stores may require you to buy a full sheet, BUT they should be able to cut it to size for you.

For the top piece, I used a 2’x’2 quarter-inch board, but you can also use a piece from the half-inch board if you had to buy a full sheet. I went thinner since it was easier to cut with the jigsaw and I saved some money. I drew out a pattern:

Once the top piece was cut out, I went to work painting both pieces.

I used extra paint I found in our paint closet and used a gold paint pen to outline everything and add “lighting.”

I bought die-cut letter stickers (found at any hardware store) and used them as a stencil. For the Theatre’s name, I painted over the sign with the light pink – the color I wanted the lettering to be.

Once the pink paint dried, I added my letter stickers and painted back over them in the sign background color.

After the paint is dry, the letters can be pulled off.

There was paint seepage, but I outlined the letters with the gold paint pen.

Next, I went to work creating the main sign. I had Lena help me with what the sign would say, and she of course wanted it to mention starring her…

Here’s a look at the finished sign. Now it was time to add the actual lights!

I drilled holes around the sign that were large enough to hold the base of the bulb but not too large that the bulbs fell through.

I had 20 lights, so I drilled 20 holes. I used duck tape to hold the bulbs in place and carefully staple the wires to the board to keep them from sticking out all over.

The result is magical. We have it hooked up to Alexa so when Lena says, “Alexa, it’s showtime,”

Alexa responds with “Lights, camera, action” and turns on the marquee sign.

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Blue-Gray Paint Color

If you are looking for a neutral backdrop for your home, this blue-gray paint color may be the perfect choice.

This blue-gray paint color is Magnolia Paint’s Wedding Band.

I have struggled with what to paint our kitchen area for some time now, and one day it hit me. The monochromatic look is so popular right now (painting your walls and trim the same color), so I decided to find a color similar to our kitchen cabinets.

Our cabinets came finished in this color, but I had them color matched. You can see more on that HERE.

Our kitchen cabinets have beautiful blue and green undertones that change with the lighting. Wedding Band has slightly more blue and less green (yellow) undertones than my cabinets, but they pair beautifully together.

The paint color also worked well in our kitchen nook and looks pretty with the deep navy of our living room.

I painted our walls with a matte finish and our trim with the same color but in a semi-gloss.

The color even transitions well into our green dining room and with our green floral pantry wallpaper.

This paint color is soft, subtle, and very soothing.

I love adding deep moody colors to our home, but I also love contrasting them with lighter colors that help brighten up our home.

What do you think of this week’s color of the week? Comment below and also share your favorite paint colors. I’m always looking for paint color suggestions!

Want to learn more about other great paint colors? Check out the previous colors of the week:

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Theater Room Decor

Lena is ten and has been asking me for over a year to redesign her room. She LOVES musical theatre, and she wanted the new space to have theater room decor.

Lena was one of my more difficult design clients. She is pretty opinionated – can you guess where she gets it?! It took a while to get to the end result, but we did it! And, we both absolutely LOVE it!

To begin, I took her to look at paint samples. She left with probably close to twenty colors, but she narrowed it down to four beautiful colors. The inspiration was old performance theatres that are full of sophistication and color.

Trim & Doors:

Webster Avenue by Magnolia Home (available at Ace Hardware)


Casual Elegance by Clark + Kensington (available at Ace Hardware)


Everything’s Coming Up Roses by Amy Howard Home

Once we had a color palette, we got to work designing the room. You can shop her room at the bottom of this post where I give the sources for the rug, bed, swing, and curtains. The bedding is our go-to zip-up bedding (seriously, the BEST), and you can see their full collection HERE.

I dreamed up this marquee sign and knew it had to be the focal point of the room. We have it hooked up to Alexa, so when we ask her to turn on “showtime”, she turns it on and responds with, “lights, camera, action.” It really is the coolest thing. I have a tutorial for this sign, and I will share it soon! It’s made from using a board, paint, and cafe lights.

Lena dreamed of having a stage in the room, so my dad helped me out with this corner circular stage. I’ll also have the tutorial for it very soon, and I added a rounded shower curtain rod with some curtains to complete the look.

The updated design is perfect for my little tween, and now we’ll see if she holds her end of the new room design bargain – actually keeping it clean!

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Moody Green Paint Color

This week’s color of the week is a moody green paint color from Benjamin Moore, and it is called Storm Cloud Gray.

I don’t love the name because it really doesn’t appear gray with its yellow and green undertones. The saturated color will provide timeless sophistication to any space.

I love pairing Storm Cloud Gray with other shades of green and pops of raspberry.

Why You Should Use Green in Decor

Decorating with green has been a design favorite for centuries – the Victorians favored deeper green tones like sage and brunswick green for their interiors. In the 1950s, aqua and mint green were paired with baby pink to achieve the ideal Americana aesthetic for kitchens and Cadillacs. In the 1970s, avocado became the height of fashion and enjoyed immense popularity (even in appliances).

Green is a color of balance and harmony. It lends us a clearer sense of right from wrong since green incorporates a balance of both the logical and emotional. Green is one of the most-seen colors in nature reflecting life, rest, and peace. It is also a sign of growth, whether that’s in a physical object like plants or in our income and wealth.

If you want to read more on why you should decorate with green, go HERE.

My dad and I added these paneled walls last year, and you can see the full tutorial here. I love how much character it brings to our dining room and how it feels like it has always been there.

I recently added wallpaper to our entryway, and it pairs nicely with Storm Cloud Gray. You can see more on that (removable) wallpaper HERE.

Want to learn more about other great paint colors? Check out the previous colors of the week:

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