DIY Video Tutorials

DIY Video Tutorials on YouTube

Recently I teamed up with my friend Angela from Unexpected Elegance, and together we have been creating a video series on DIY tutorials.  We post the videos on our blogs and on YouTube.  You can subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE.

DIY Video Tutorials

Angela and I would love to hear from you guys!  What tutorials would be helpful to you?  We would love to know what our readers want from us!

We currently have several video tutorials published.  Most of them center around painting – especially chalk painting.  However, we would love to expand beyond just painting video tutorials.

Here is a rundown of our current video tutorials as well as a link to each video:

Episode 1: Welcome 

Episode 2: Mixing Chalk Paint

Episode 3: Prep Work for Chalk Paint

Episode 4: Tips for Using Chalk Paint

Episode 5: How to Apply Wax to Chalk Paint

Episode 6: How to Dry Brush

Episode 7: Distress Paint with Vaseline

Episode 8: Weathered Look with Paint

Episode 9: Safety Tips

Episode 10: Wax Paper Transfer Tutorial

Episode 11: Tablet Cover Tutorial

Episode 12: Chalk Transfer Tutorial

Episode 13: Starched Fabric Wall Treatment

Episode 14: French-Inspired Enamel Tags

Episode 15: Photo Plaques

Episode 16: Updating an Ikea Dresser

Episode 17: Painting Fabric with Chalk Paint

We want to create more tutorials but need your help.  What would you love to know more about?  Leave us a comment and let us know and we will begin creating and filming!  

Go create something!

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