My Not So Perfect Home

I’m sharing my not-so-perfect home today. Life of a Blogger | My Not So Perfect Home For some time now,  I have felt convicted with the perfect photos of my “perfect” home. And then last week happened.  It was a tough week, and it revealed how human we all are.  How much we need Jesus (and His grace) and how imperfect we all are. Social media allows us to create a seemingly perfect world.  Facebook is full of perfect families, Instagram is full of perfect people, and Pinterest is filled with perfect homes. As a blogger, I want to tell you that the perfection you see is not real.  My home decor blog is a full-time job.  I spend crazy hours creating these “perfect” spaces.  It begins with DIY projects and lots of painting.  I run all over town (and the next town) looking for accessories and flowers.  I take too many photos and spend too many hours editing them.  The normal person cannot expect to achieve what many of us bloggers share because it just isn’t real. I am never the mom greeting my kids at the door after school with fresh baked cookies (I’m the mom covered in paint telling them I’m almost finished and will be done in a minute).  I’m not the wife who prepares an amazing gourmet dinner (unless Prego sauce and spaghetti count) for my husband. I know I was created to create.  I want to use my gifts to glorify Him.  I wanted to inspire others and show how you can create a pretty space on a budget.  However, lately, I have been so overwhelmed by amazing opportunities and big projects.  These projects are so fun but so time-consuming.  I haven’t had time in a while to do my little inexpensive DIYs.  Those little DIYs that started Sincerely, Sara D.  I want to inspire you to create – not discourage you because your house isn’t photoshopped like mine. So next time you see my perfect home, I want you to realize it’s not perfect.  I’m juggling the balls of life just like you, and I just keep the pretty home ball in the mix.  I’m dropping lots of other balls in the process.
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16 thoughts on “My Not So Perfect Home

  1. Thank you Sara.
    We all need to open our eyes to the reality of hurt & imperfect lives all around us … including our own. You are pretty amazing my friend!

  2. Thank you for your honesty. I too I’m a home blogger and my home is far from perfect in reality. My social media feeds definitely show a different story. Home don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. It is so refreshing to hear another blogger be honest. Thank you again. God Bless your home and family.

  3. Love your blog and your honesty!! We shine in some areas and barely make it in others and we count on Christ to make-up for the difference. Thanks for being genuine!! Lisa Blake ❤

  4. That was so well said. My youngest daughter (32) said she’s not the kind of mom that makes homemade cookies or cupcakes for this past Valentines Day like some moms do … but she does so much more with her 3 crazy boys … life isn’t perfect …. just breathe …

  5. Your honesty is refreshing Sara. It’s exciting that your blog is leading you to awesome opportunities! Sometimes, as our businesses grow, so can the focus and that’s ok. I believe as long as you’re true to your “why”, you can’t go wrong. Also, keep in mind, as your kids see you working on projects, it’s instilling so many more positive things than having fresh baked cookies for them when they get home. You’re teaching them that dreams are meant to be followed and hard work pays off. You’ve got this!

  6. Hi Sara!

    Thanks for keeping it real. Then there are those days when you have all the photos of 20 DIY projects DONE and ready to post, yay, but now you have to fill the blog post with a bunch of words to satisfy Google when we know most our readers skim through to the photos. Ha.

    Bookshelves look great!

  7. Thanks for the honest confession of imperfection that we all are familiar with.
    But we forget that your work and beautiful spaces does not make for a perfect home.
    I agree that too easily we take our eyes off the only perfect ONE and do not put Him first in our lives.
    That’s the true confession of how much we need a Savior–to save us from
    Blessings and prayers ,

  8. Hi Sara. Thank you for your post. I needed to hear that today. I really appreciate your willingness to stand up for Jesus too. Keep on!!