Painting Plants

For today’s “For Real Friday,” I’m painting plants.

For Real Friday: Painting Plants

As a blogger, I will admit that things aren’t always what they seem.  That is why I started sharing “For Real Fridays.” A few Fridays ago, I shared my beautiful mirrored dresser disaster.

Blogger Mistakes

Click HERE for all the details of that project gone wrong.

Scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram can be so inspiring and discouraging at the same time.  Those picture-perfect shots are not real life.  Beautiful photos require a lot of work – cleaning and rearranging, lighting (lighting kits are often involved), professional cameras, kicking kids out of the house, and lots (and lots) of photoshop. Just because it is funny, here is a photo of my son’s desk and lamp I shared (at one time) on the blog and a shot of how he has added his own touch…

Bloggers behind the scenes

But, now for todays For Real Friday.  I recently had the opportunity to partner with a brand for my front landscaping.  Our home and most of the landscaping are close to twenty years old, so I was excited to give our landscaping a makeover. I replaced a lot of our landscaping except for several large bushes.  They looked okay.  Well, that is until I trimmed them.  I was just a couple of days out from the blog post-deadline, and I started making everything look as perfect as possible.  However, disaster struck when I trimmed my old, large bushes.

Plant before painting

Suddenly a bunch of dead spots were VERY visible.  I panicked.  I didn’t have time to replace them and they looked terrible. I was beside myself.  I had no idea what to do.  I was devastated. Later that day, my husband saw my (major) problem and suggested I painted them.  He is brilliant (and why didn’t I think of that?)!

How to paint plants

It wasn’t a perfect fix, but at least the dead spots weren’t so obvious. Here is another before shot:

Plants before they were painted

And an after:

Plants after they were painted

So. Much. Better! Now, these bushes will be gone this fall, but this paint will do the trick until then.

Pristine Green Grass & Shrub Renew

This is not a sponsored post.  I just was so amazed that this paint actually worked (and thought you would appreciate that I really will paint anything)!

For my four large bushes, I bought 2 cans of this paint I found on Amazon (affiliate link):

It is amazing.  It goes on like spray paint, stays on in rain, and won’t kill the plants.  For a fix like mine (hopefully just seasonal), it was perfect!  It’s over a month later, and the paint is STILL holding up well! What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever painted?

Go create something!

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