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My kitchen doesn’t have a backsplash, and I have been wanting to add one for some time.  I’ve been spending a lot of time searching Pinterest lately, and it’s obvious that there has been a resurgence of subway tile in kitchens.  They are everywhere, and I think subway tile is just what my kitchen needs. Did you know that subway tile first appeared throughout the tunnels of the newly opened New York City subway system in the early 1900s?  After its debut, subway tile quickly made its way into residential uses – often in kitchens and bathrooms.  It’s well-loved for not only aesthetic reasons, but for its functionality.  Subway tile is durable and stain-resistant.

Subway tile  

(Image from

Don’t you love the dark grout with the white tiles in this image? What I thought was going to be an easy decision escalated to a really complicated one.  I had no idea how many decisions there are when selecting a subway tile backsplash!  Do I go with glass or ceramic subway tiles?  What color tile – do I want the classic white or something more colorful?  Do I match the tile to my cabinets or go lighter…or should I go darker?  What color grout should I use – have you seen all the grout options?  Do I want matte or glossy tiles?  Do I want the standard larger subway tiles or the small ones? Should I end the tile under the cabinets or go all the way to the ceiling?  Suddenly I found myself completely stressed out – over subway tile! I’ve been pinning away on my Beautiful Kitchens board on Pinterest.  Here are a few subway tile inspiration photos I found on Pinterest.


This image on Pinterest (unfortunately it’s linked to a site that no longer exists) shows how beautiful class white subway tile can be.  And, it makes me want to knock out my cabinets and replace them with open shelving! claire-obryan-36

I’m loving this glossy gray from Heavy on the Veggie.


I like the herringbone pattern above the stove on this image from Better Homes and Gardens.  And this makes me love a darker tile even more.  And it makes me want that awesome stove.  (Maybe I would suddenly start loving to cook if I had it?!) 128423026844329743_m3UQXioU_f

I love the full wall tile application like in this photo from ciao! newport beach


…but then I also like seeing less tile and some wall like in this image from Julie Blanner. I’ve spent a lot of time in my kitchen staring as I try to envision what my subway tile backsplash will look like.


Stenciled Kitchen

I’m excited to share what I decided to go with as well as the final project early next month! Go create something!

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2 thoughts on “Subway Tile

  1. What color grout did you use with your dark gray subway tile? I have picked white shaker cabinets and didn’t know if white grout would be to much white for a whole kitchen.