Easy DIY Open Shelving

If you’re looking for an easy project, try this Easy DIY Open Shelving.  It’s an afternoon project which results in lots of storage for any space!

Easy DIY Open Shelving Tutorial

When we hung pegboard in our laundry room, I really thought it would be the solution to keeping the laundry room organized.  However, it didn’t quite accomplish what we needed in terms of organization.  It looked nice, but it took up valuable shelf space that would serve better as shelving.  So, I asked my (sweet) husband to take it down…

We saved the pegboard and frame and will try to find a spot for it in our garage. After the frame was removed, there were tons of holes to fill…

Once the holes were filled and the room repainted, I began the process of adding open shelving to the laundry room.  I needed space for all our junk, and this was the perfect solution. Earlier this year, I added open shelving to our kitchen nook.  You can see the full tutorial for adding easy open shelving HERE. I followed the same method as before, only I used more modern brackets and 12-inch pine boards (instead of the 8-inch boards in our kitchen).

I planned accordingly and added brackets to studs.  I used a stud finder to find them and verified my stud finder with a nail.  I marked the wall where each of my brackets should go and used a level to be sure I put them in level. For this project, I used Crates & Pallet 12 in. Forged Steel Shelf Brackets found at The Home Depot.  I used six of them and spray painted them gold.  They are strong AND gorgeous!

Once all 6 brackets were in, I added my (primed and painted) pine 12-inch boards.  It really is so easy – so easy I did these shelves alone!

Want to see the rest of my laundry room makeover?  Click HERE!

Go create something!

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DIY Open Shelves

I have added these DIY Open Shelves to several rooms in our home.  They’re pretty and function well for additional storage.

I am not sure how many people read magazines these days, but I am thrilled to have a little feature in one!

DIY Open Shelves | Romantic Homes Feature

Romantic Homes magazine featured my DIY open shelves in their September issue.  This really is an easy DIY anyone can do, and it is the perfect solution for that blank wall you keep staring at – wondering what to do with it!

The feature is just one page, but I’m honored to be a part of this gorgeous magazine!


If you want to see the full tutorial for creating these DIY open shelve (I promise you can do it), click HERE to read how!  It is an easy way to make a wall useable (great for storage) AND pretty.

I frame my kids’ Santa photos every year, and I decorate these shelves during the holiday with these adorable and memorable photos.  To see these shelves decked out for the holidays (and the rest of my holiday home tour) click HERE.

I also added DIY open shelves in our recent laundry room makeover.  

To see more on those shelves (which make amazing storage), click HERE.

Go create something!

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