Painted Faucet Update – Two Years Later

Painted Faucet Update – Two Years Later

One of my first (and most popular) DIY projects in our new home was our painted faucet.

Painted Faucet Update - Over Two Years Later

Our home was filled with lots of brass, and I was loving oil-rubbed bronze everything at the time.  Since moving into a new home comes with lots of expenses, I could not justify replacing a faucet that worked.  As a girl who turns to paint to solve almost any problem, I decided to paint it.  I knew the worst thing that could happen would be buying a new faucet.


In the early spring of 2014, I said goodbye to the shiny brass faucet and welcomed an oil-rubbed bronze faucet.

Painted Faucet - over 2 years later (1 of 1)

Being a little bit of a germ freak meant that that painted faucet experience a lot beyond normal use.  It was scrubbed with harsh cleaners and surprisingly held up fairly well.  The first year I would occasionally touch up nicks with a q-tip and paint.  However, I stopped the touch-ups in year two.

Painted Faucet Drain - over 2 years later (1 of 1)

After 2.5 years, there was quite a bit of paint missing from the drain.  I knew the painted faucet was temporary (and I had quit touch-ups long ago), so I decided it was time to say goodbye to the painted faucet.

Why I chose to paint my faucet (1 of 1)

I had no idea what the amount of work replacing the faucet would require.  We (when I saw “we” I actually mean my dad) had to remove the pedestal sink from the wall to even get back to the faucet.  Removing the pedestal sink was just a chain reaction which meant removing part of my paneled wall which required the paneling to be redone and recaulked and repainted.

Inexpensive Bathroom Updates (1 of 1)

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It was all worth it for my Ultra UF55113 Two-Handle Brushed Nickel Lavatory Faucet.  

I think it is funny that all I wanted 2.5 years ago was a dark, oil-rubbed bronze faucet.  Then when it came time to select a replacement I went with brushed nickel.  If I had waited a little longer, I may have ended up with another brass faucet.  Preferences and styles change so fast!

The end of the painted faucet (1 of 1)

This faucet cost a little more than my painted version, but having a pretty, brand-new faucet is wonderful!

DIY Painted Faucet (1 of 1)

Do I think painting the faucet was worth it?  

Absolutely!   It bought me over two years of replacing a faucet!

Go create something!

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13 thoughts on “Painted Faucet Update – Two Years Later

  1. I have some questions: 1) why would you have had to remove the faucet in order to use spray paint? Seems to me that good ventilation and covering a little extra area for overspray would have been enough. Was there any other reason? 2) do you think using primer would have made a difference with the chipping and wear over those two years?

    Thanks for a great tip!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! My bathroom didn’t have the best ventilation, and the last time I attempted spray painting something inside I had overspray everywhere. However, I know people spray paint inside and have success (with proper prep/covering). I don’t think primer would help because I did use a primer on some additional faucets and they also chipped. I do wonder if sanding would have helped. I hope this helps – good luck!

  2. Pretty cool how you did this. I honestly wouldn’t have expected it to last past two or three uses, let alone a few years. I really expected the drain to flake immediately, but the faucet itself held up pretty well. In the end, you could just replace the drain piece, with an oil rubbed bronze one and you might have gotten a few more years from your painted faucet. I give you kudos for trying this, as I don’t know if I would have done it, but when you are on a budget an inexpensive can of paint sure beats buying a bunch of new faucets for your home. It just goes to show, if you try something and it works, great. If not, at least you gave it a shot. I had an old fiberglass spa once that was a horrible baby blue and lost all it’s shine. I painted it with tan colored epoxy paint and it lasted 10 more years. Paint is a wonderful thing! Thanks for the post.

  3. so the drain was the only place that chipped and needed touch up? I am wanting to do an odd color. so If you brush on can you have that type paint mixed? I am doing door knobs to match and like you I am gonna buy them anyway if it doesn’t work.. going French cottage and they just don’t make what I want.

    1. Unfortunately this paint comes in specific colors – there’s no way to have it mixed. Good luck on your makeover. I hate when you have something in your head and can’t find what you’re looking for!

  4. I have a white faucet and a cream color or off white sink. Do you think I could paint the faucet cream color? The white faucet is new.

  5. Hi ! Googled the question about painting a faucet and found you. I need to replace the entire kitchen sink and faucet eventually but until then want to paint just the white faucet. – white again. Any suggestions what type of paint to use? Many thanks!

  6. Thanks. I’ve been considering painting my faucets but now realize that it’s only a temporary fix. I appreciate you taking the time and energy to provide updates.